AIGS: The most Precise, Efficient, and Expeditious way to grade your coins!

Grade your coins with Artificial Intelligence Grading Service. Check out why collectors are choosing by AIGS over other grading companies.

How does AI Grading Work?

Watch this short video that explains our process and what you can expect from us here at AIGS.

AIGS slabs are sleek, sealed, and tamper-proof

AIGS Labels are elegant and Easy to Read

Why switch to AI Grading by AIGS?

Feel Safer Buying & Selling AI Graded coins!

The score of an AI Graded coin is precise. Your grade doesn’t change if you grade it twice or if the grader is having a bad day. The AI reads it consistently every single time!

Get an unbiased fair grade every time

When your coin is scanned the software analyzes your coin as a variation of pixels, and it doesn’t care who you are. It learns from expert graders and machine learning  then applies that knowledge to generate your grade. These scans are available to the public where there is no way to cheat the system!

Be in control of your hobby

You will know exactly why you got a MS, AU, XF, VG or other grade. With AIGS, you receive reports for relief, mint mark, inscription, fields, edges, rim, and centering.

Why AIGS is the Future


Other coin grading companies have a long wait time, sometimes lasting up to a month or more!  With AIGS, you receive your graded coins back in just 10-20 days or less!


Human graders on average view each coin graded for about 6 seconds.  Our software looks for scratches, finds errors, evaluates surface composition, and other details that can easily be missed by human graders in that time. 


As our AI coin grading software grades more, it learns more. This allows you to get a more accurate grading than ever before.


Current grading methods are tedious. With our revolutionary technology, we make grading accessible to one and all.

Our Mission

Empower collectors through the consistency & accuracy of Technology

AIGS is helping create a safe and reliable collectibles market with its AI Coin grading. With our technology in use in the market collectors are finally in control and can shape the future of the hobby. No more waiting around for your coins to be graded. No more unfair grades! Our technology ensures that you receive the grade you deserve.


Our Story

We are a  passionate group of coin collectors who were put off by the existing coin grading methods; it was outdated, biased, and cryptic. Add to it the long waiting period…it didn’t work for us. So we set out to make coin collecting safer, faster, and more inclusive for the community. Simply send your coins in to us here at AIGS and receive your coins back in 20 days or less!


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